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Huntsville Cardiovascular Clinic strives to serve our patients by providing the best health care possible. Each of our staff is highly trained, well quailfied, and dedicated to meeting the needs of each patient.

Echocardiogram/Heart Ultrasound

  • Assessment valve structures, function, and intracardiac
    blood flow
  • Analysis of intra-cardiac blood flow for localization of murmurs and quantification of cardiac function.


  • Assessment of inducible ischemia
  • Assessment of arrhythmias
  • Assessment of functional status
  • Assessment of medical efficiacy

Cardiolite Stress Test

  • Treadmill stress test with nuclear isotope imaging of the myocardium
  • Assessment of ventricular function

Pharmacologic Stress Test

  • Cardiolite stress test using pharmacologic agents to induce stress rather than a treadmill


  • Nuclear isotope technique to measure pump function

T-wave Alternans Stress Test

  • Risk stratification for sudden cardiac death
  • Treadmill test with computer facilitated analysis

Pacemaker Evaluation

  • Includes noninvasive evaluation and reprogramming/optimization

Defibrillator Evaluation (ICD)

  • Includes noninvasive evaluation and reprogramming/optimization

12-Lead EKG

  • Rhythm analysis
  • Assessment ischemia or infarction
  • Assessment of hypertrophy

Ambulatory Telemetry/ Heart Monitor

  • Assessment of rhythm distrubances using automated or patient activated monitoring devices